Combining Tradition with Innovation: Meet oeding print

In the heart of Brunswick, Germany, a printing company has been leaving its mark on the industry since 1797. oeding print GmbH stands as a testament to tradition and innovation, combining centuries-old craftsmanship with a modern twist. With their mission rooted in offering sustainable full-service printing services, oeding print has become synonymous with exceptional quality and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. In the 2022 V-Label Awards, their pioneering vegan printing solution won over our jury, and therefore, was awarded Winner in the Best in Sustainability category. We interviewed Roland Makulla, Head of Sustainability & Certifications at oeding print to learn more about their company and partnership with V-Label and the Awards.

Because printing a plant-based cookbook vegan just makes sense

What sets oeding print apart is their journey into the world of vegan printing, an endeavor that has propelled them to the forefront of innovation. When customers began inquiring about animal ingredients in print products, Oeding Print realized the need for a new industry standard. Partnering with the experts from ProVeg e.v., they set out to develop certified vegan print products, revolutionizing the printing industry.

Reflecting on their motivation, Roland Makulla shared,

Due to the complexity, they decided to team up with the professionals from ProVeg e.v. to develop a new industry standard for certified vegan print products. 

As a committed vegan himself, the choice to work with the V-Label was an obvious one for Roland. The collaboration has been a resounding success, and the ongoing partnership with V-Label allows them to promote the V-Label certification for printing companies and contribute to the advancement of a plant-based lifestyle.

Well-deserved recognition

Encouraged by friends, they entered the 2022 edition of the International V-Label Awards, and to Roland’s surprise, oeding print’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices caught the attention of the Expert Jury, and eventually won the Best in Sustainability category.

The news of their accomplishments as a Winner brought immense joy and surprise to Oeding Print and their team. While the demands of ongoing projects limited their celebration, the recognition served as a motivation to continue promoting vegan printing and finding practical solutions for complex production methods.

Being a Finalist or Winner in the V-Label Awards provides brands with numerous benefits and opportunities. Internally, it could boost team morale and reinforce their commitment to their innovative work. Externally, it enhances their recognition and helps them further promote their vegan products and services. As they continue to make their mark in the industry, Roland encourages future participants to be bold and take the leap.

What's next?

Looking ahead, oeding print is driven by their passion for continuous improvement. They are working tirelessly to find practical solutions for printing methods that are not yet vegan, such as saddle stitching. By addressing these challenges, they strive to make every aspect of printing align with their ethical principles.

When asked about the future of the plant-based industry, oeding print envisions a world where plant-based solutions become the standard in many aspects of life. From climate and biodiversity to environmental protection and animal rights, the plant-based industry holds the key to addressing these pressing issues.

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