Winners 2021

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Winners 2021

Faux Gras de GAIA


Faux Gras de GAIA is a delicious and animal-friendly alternative to foie gras to be enjoyed during the holidays and festive occasions

Carrefour’s Spécialité végétale au lait de coco goût fraise Carrefour Sensation


Spécialité végétale au lait de coco goût fraise is part of the Carrefour Sensation brand, launched in 2021 with the aim of democratising vegan food by making it accessible for everyone.



Chicza is a 100% natural chicle-based gum sustainably collected from the sapodilla trees in the Maya Rainforest, produced by a consortium of cooperatives under a fair trade business model.

Spirulix Crunchy Müsli


Spirulix Crunchy Müsli from Austria is all-natural, 100% vegan and regionally produced Müsli that includes a range of important micronutrients

Incom Leone’s AL!VE STICK Vegan Chia & Blueberry Ice Cream


Incom Leone’s AL!VE STICK Vegan Chia & Blueberry is a very innovative ice Cream from Slovenia based on Coconut milk with Chia Seeds inside. It has reduced sugars and lower calories.

Premium Organic, Sustainable Extraction of Heilmoor


Premium Organic from Austria are extracting heilmoor, an excellent ingredient for vegan cosmetics, in a sustainable way by keeping the topsoil intact and extracting only once a year for two weeks, which gives the Moor time to regenerate.

Lidl, Vemondo Product Range


All the products from the Vemondo Product Range by Lidl have been offered as climate-neutral in all countries in order to support customers with climate-conscious actions in everyday life.

Prefera Foods, Unfished PlanTuna


Prefera Foods have launched an innovative category of plant-based alternatives to fish, with Unfished® brand, a revolutionary portfolio, with the slogan "Fish in the water, plant on the plate".

Those Vegan Cowboys - Grassroot Bandits

The Netherlands

Those Vegan Cowboys are working on milk and cheese, making products with the same taste as cow's dairy, but without the use of animals, by developing grass-based milk proteins through fermentation



Leather is getting some serious competition – from wood. The southern German company NUO manufactures a high-quality veneer that comes exclusively from sustainable forestry.

Lidl, Vemondo Product Range


In addition to their increasing range of plant-based Vemondo products, Lidl offers customers much more in the context of the vegan nutrition. From various social media formats, to workshops, to inspiration and more than 580 vegan recipes.