About the International V‑Label Awards

About the awards

In a world in which consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their purchase choices, the plant-based industry is rapidly growing. Embodying the values of sustainability and social impact, V-Label is the leading certification seal for vegetarian and vegan products. As an industry leader, V-Label sponsors and leads the International V-Label Awards, the first international award scheme dedicated to recognising positive impact, quality, and innovation in the plant-based space. The awards set the plant-based industry on par with other well-established industries that use international award schemes to promote and celebrate innovation in their sectors. Given the particular nature and values promoted by the plant-based industry, the International V-Label Awards also celebrate companies beyond their products, recognizing their efforts in creating a positive impact on the environment and their communities.

About V-Label

V-Label promotes local vegan-oriented organisations, innovative producers, and the European and international movement towards a plant-based lifestyle, and improves the lives of all vegetarian and vegan people through a transparent and controlled certification process. V-Label also promotes international cooperation between organisations and is one of the most valuable and successful projects of the worldwide vegetarian and vegan movement. V-Label is the leading certification seal for vegetarian and vegan products, mainly in the food and cosmetics sectors. An internationally recognised brand registered in 1996, V-Label is present in 50 countries, and has certified more than 40,000 products as vegetarian or vegan.