Janine Oliviera
Janine Oliviera

Janine Oliveira is 22 years old, fascinated by photography and cooking, has a degree in photography, doesn’t eat meat since 2005 and started her Instagram account, GreenTaste Cuisine in 2018.

Her project started at a time when everyone was fragile because of covid, she needed to distract herself from the anxiety she suffered for many years. This and her love for animals, diet and lifestyle and the desire to change the world and inspire people made her start this project.

GreenTaste Cuisine is a project that unites vegan recipes and photographs of her authorship. She wants to inspire people that want to implement a plant-based diet or who already follow it but don't know what to cook! Thanks to her own project she has been vegetarian since 2021 and almost vegan now!

She believes that if we want to make a difference in the world, we should do it invitingly.

The main focus of the project is to attract people with the flavours they are used to, showing that it is possible to have equally tasty typical plant-based meals, especially typical Portuguese dishes!